Digital Media Services

Digital media has grown immensely over the last few years, with the advent of high speed internet access and its accessibility by nearly 90% of the country. Social media has also changed the way in which the world considers the internet. However, it does need to be used wisely and managed in order to be successful and cohesive to a marketing strategy.

Website Development
In today’s internet age and the customers desire for instant information and easy access, a website has become the norm.

Your website says a lot about your company, both in terms of its looks, ease of use and content. Your customers want to be impressed and informed.

Torch Marketing can develop and design your website, as well as host it and keep it regularly updated, for your convenience.

Email marketing has increased exponentially, therefore challenging how communicating with customers and potential customers is successfully achieved.

CRM and specific message targeting can improve the results of email marketing to make your message heard and not simply deleted from the inbox.

Torch Marketing can develop your email marketing strategy and manage your activities to reap the rewards of a successful programme.

Discover how we can assist you with your digital media strategy.

Web / Digital Media Services:
– Website design and setup
– Website hosting and management
– Email marketing
– Response handling and management
– Social media management

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