Marketing & PR

How often do you here the phrase, “We need PR!” without a thought in exactly what it is, what it means and how it could potentially be of benefit to the company.

It is all very well talking about the importance of PR, What exactly is PR and how should it be employed throught company philosophy?

Public Relations is all forms of communications with all the people with whom an organisation has contact. They are not just the customers you are targeting, but those who also have an influencing factor in a decision. They are also your employees, your suppliers, your shareholders plus many more.

PR builds the goodwill of the company or a brand, generating loyalty amongst its publics. It helps improve the company / customer (employee / supplier / shareholder etc) relationship through developing an interactive relationship and over the long term can help protect the company’ business interests, reputation, customer base, brand image, share price etc.

Marketing and PR essentially need to be involved with all aspects of the business, not just in media relations, but promotions, advertising, designs, direct marketing. It also has influence in product development, pricing and distribution.

Torch Marketing excel in planning marketing communication programmes, utilising all aspects of the marketing communications mix to produce the most effective results for your individual company.

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